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Refurbished Knoll Morrison Cubicles

Powerful Simplicity, Morrison delivers efficiency and comfort, creating work environments that adapt and grow. Consistent logic and versatility ensure that Morrison product enhancements build on existing components — leveraging the value of your investment.

Privacy and Access Panels, doors and windows create various levels of privacy within an open plan. An integrated raceway distributes power and data with options for desk-height access. A Perfect Fit Morrison integrates with the Currents® service wall for unmatched cable capacity and ease of access. Morrison panels connect to the spine at any point to enclose tables, desks or existing Morrison workstations.

Definitive Design. Enduring Value.
For organizations seeking a definitive architectural vocabulary and an office system with proven performance, Morrison defines the workplace with a contemporary, unified aesthetic.

Unified Design and Functional Elegance
Morrison unites planning intelligence and refined design to create well-integrated, high-performance workplaces. Morrison flexibility recognizes the differences among work styles, creating virtually any type of workspace from a simple vocabulary of universal components.

The ultimate system for the entire facility, Morrison is both an advanced panelbased system for open plan workstations and a freestanding desk system for private offices and team workspaces.

Collaboration and Comfort
Morrison defines the interior landscape with a crisp, clean palette of fabrics, veneers and painted finishes.Each Morrison component is carefully detailed for a wide range of applications, ideally suited for a graceful transition from open plan workstations to private offices to collaborative areas.

Freestanding Logic
Morrison Network is a freestanding, powered desk system that creates private office, open-plan and dynamic teamwork areas. Morrison Network is engineered to embrace change, with universal worksurface and storage components, including Reuter overheads, that can be used interchangeably with panels and freestanding furniture.

Unmatched Technology Support
Morrison integrates with the Currents® service wall for unmatched cable capacity and ease of access, offering unlimited lay-in cable distribution anywhere on the face of the wall structure. Morrison panels and components connect to the service wall at any point, on- or off-module; cables are instantly accessible behind removable covers.

Morrison and Sustainable Design
Design continuity and a proven track record have made Morrison the choice of companies and organizations that value sustainability.

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