Blank Space

Lindsey’s Office Furniture has been hard at work lately, looking for the worst office furniture in Houston. Our “My ______ has the worst office furniture EVER” campaign has already shown us that our city is in distress! Houston, never fear, Lindsey’s Furniture is coming to the rescue. Check out to nominate your “_______” today, and get them in the running to win a $3,500 office furniture makeover.

But it’s not all about your “_______.” We want the well-furnished office workers of Houston to have some fun, too! Enter LindLibs: a fantastically distracting fill-in-the-blank word game where your brilliance can finally be appreciated. Grab a 3rd grader to remind you what an adverb is, then head to Once the whole LindLib is visible, you can share your creation on social media, or print it and put it in the break room at work. If it’s really good, you just might see it on the Lindsey Fridge!

Whether it’s nominating “blanks” or filling in the LindLibs blanks, Lindsey’s Office Furniture is here to make your workday better. Win your coworker a new desk chair, or your boss a new office set—and take a mental health break from them both with a LindLib or two. You might even be able to impress your 3rd grade relatives with your amazing rudimentary grammar skills. Show us how hilarious you can be at!