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Lindsey's Office Furniture is a full-service dealer and retailer that has provided top-of-the-line office furnishings for businesses in and around Houston, Texas, since 1987. We have one of the largest inventories of office furnishings in the country, and our team can answer any questions you have about our products, as well as provide you with a price quote by phone or in person at our beautiful showroom.

8ft Conference table Tables
8ft Conference table

Boat shaped wood conference table

LF007 Ebhard ART
LF007 Ebhard

29x25 inch framed artwork

Row Boat Framed Art ART
Row Boat Framed Art

Framed artwork with frame

DE437 Landscape Art ART
DE437 Landscape Art

32x42 inch framed artwork River

29.5 x 29.5 matted Artwork ART
29.5 x 29.5 matted Artwork

29.5x25.9 inch matted framed artwork Lake NYG1077

32x25 Framed artwork ART
32x25 Framed artwork

32x25 Framed Artwork of fruit still life

30x38 framed artwork ART
30x38 framed artwork

Water scene with trees

Matted Artwork ART
Matted Artwork

26x32 tree matted artwork

58x43 Buffalo painting ART
58x43 Buffalo painting

Buffalo Painting print framed art

Down Stream Artwork ART
Down Stream Artwork

43x35 framed artwork

Leaves ART

Various leaves

Lilly pad artwork ART
Lilly pad artwork

Lillypads framed artwork

CC Roberts abstract ART
CC Roberts abstract

44x43 abstract painting metal frame one of two sold separately

CC Roberts Framed Art ART
CC Roberts Framed Art

42.5 x 43 CC Roberts abstract art one of two sold separately

Mountain Scene ART
Mountain Scene

Ashton Art mountain scene

Ashton Art ART
Ashton Art

48x36 framed art -as is

38x26 Artwork ART
38x26 Artwork

Hunting art

Framed artwork ART
Framed artwork

37x36 framed art

Potted plant ART
Potted plant

Potted plant

Conoe Trips ART
Conoe Trips

Small art

Planters Art ART
Planters Art

24x32 framed canvas art

Single Monitor Arm Misc
Single Monitor Arm

Steelcase CF series monitor arms

Varidesk 36 Ergo
Varidesk 36

Varidesk 36 convert any desk to height adjustable

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